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Presentation Experience

Emmanuella worked closely with teachers, parents and pre-service students throughout her Doctoral research. Her research examined teachers' and parents' knowledge of, and attitudes toward, children with ADHD. Findings from this research informed the development and evaluation of a pilot ADHD intervention program for pre-service teachers designed to enhance their own knowledge and skills, and to frame intervention as a shared endeavour between parents, teachers and the broader school community. Emmanuella presented her program to pre-service students at Murdoch University, W.A., as part of their Special Needs Unit. The workshop was found to enhance pre-service teachers' ADHD knowledge and their self-confidence in teaching students with ADHD.

As part of her Doctoral research Emmanuella was invited to deliver a presentation titled "An assessment and intervention program for pre-service teachers regarding knowledge of and attitudes toward Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder" at the European Conference on Educational Research, Vienna, Austria in September 2009.

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